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Cantina de Frida

Karađorđeva 2 , Belgrade

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About the restaurant

"Cantina de Frida" – a place of good company.

"Cantina de Frida" is a place where people socialize, make business plans, share a dining table and exchange ideas. The atmosphere of the restaurant relaxes and thus makes visitors productive and inspiring in relationships with friends and business partners.

Choosing a restaurant for business needs is a matter of business style and strategy, and "Cantina de Frida" offers fresh opportunities for modern business communication. In just a few months, it became an important gathering place for Belgraders.

A place to exchange ideas

– The name of the restaurant, the design of the interior and the concept are inspired by the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Frida's passion, will to live and her inexhaustible energy still encourage many artists – writers, directors and painters – to translate the secret of her unique being and creation into other media. We did this by opening a bar – restaurant "Cantina de Frida", as a meeting place that has a special significance for visitors, overlooking the continuous encounter of two great Belgrade rivers – the confluence of the Sava and the Danube – says Biljana Frlog, PR manager of "Cantina de Frida".

To me

– The restaurant menu is based on the offer of numerous, varied, colorful and delicious dishes from Mexico, Argentina, Spain and the rest of the Mediterranean. Dominated by portions of hot and cold tapas in various meat and fish varieties, as well as portions for friends, business lunches... All dishes are prepared by top chefs, and serve skilled and fast waiters – explains Biljana Frlog.

Restaurant structure

Bar – the restaurant is open type and provides all the facilities needed by business people. It consists of two units, which are organized to provide at any time the kind of service and support that the opportunity requires. The restaurant is open 7 days a week from 10.00 to 02.00. There is a music and entertainment program with the best bands in the city, every day except Sunday.

Ideal for your business meeting

– The space of the restaurant "Cantina de Frida" is easy to adapt to the needs of a business meeting. The choice of this bar – restaurant is the right step, because the space is representative, suitable for presentations and press conferences. The restaurant has 140 seats at tables, plus 40 seats at the bar. Accompanying equipment and techniques necessary for the presentation are also available – Biljana says.

Celebrations, presentations, cocktails

– With us you can organize various types of celebrations, cocktails, banquets, fashion shows, business lunches... In addition to the outstanding offer of food and drinks, "Cantina de Frida" offers impeccable service. At any time, professional, trained, efficient and friendly staff is at your disposal – said Frlog.


Book on time so that we can meet all your business needs. After booking, "Cantina de Frida" takes care of the organization. We carry out your business activities flawlessly and at the highest level.

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